Sports range. Ultimate health & body

Never before has awareness of health and fitness been as high. Today, most men and women actively strive to achieve a healthier and fitter body.


In response, the Ultratone Team along with some of the world's leading physiologists and athletes, have developed two new Neuro-muscle biostimulators; the Ultratone Sportif & Athletic.

The two computerised units fully reflect the very latest developments in Sports science. The Ultratone Sportif & Athletic are designed to enhance your physical performance and fitness levels.

The Ultratone Team has a 40-year long history of working with top Olympic athletes and world class trainers to enhance sports performance, reduce the risk of injury and complement a regular sports routine. Ultratone is a recognised specialist in the field of professional Sports Fitness and Training.

Sports range With the aid of the very latest research we have developed a comprehensive collection of simple and effective training and toning regimes. Simply select the program to build the body you want and Ultratone will do the rest.

Today's hectic lifestyle means it is difficult for even the most dedicated athletes to devote the time they would like to their training. The new Ultratone Athletic and Sportif are the answer. Put these units to work for you and on you and you will be able to revolutionise your health and fitness regime. Quite simply they outdate, out-think and outperform all other conventional Neuro-muscle biostimulators.

The Ultratone Athletic and Sportif will flex your muscles up to 900 times an hour producing rapid and controllable results. These units deliver exceptional power with probably the most comfortable signal of any Neuro-muscle biostimulator in the world today.

Your performance in the gym or in competition will improve as will your overall stamina. Your body will be alert and full of energy, making active exercise a pleasure, not an aching chore.

Now even when you can't get to the gym, it needn't be a problem. You can tone up those muscles and keep in shape at home. And the benefits of Ultratone go way beyond muscle toning. You can select the program you need to produce the most effective treatment for your fitness and sporting requirements.

In short, Ultratone is a brilliant complement to achieving and maintaining peak condition.

The comprehensive range of programs for the whole body encompass all sporting, fitness, toning and bodyshaping training regimes.

key exercise areas

  • muscle toning for bodyshaping
  • muscle development for speed, endurance or power
  • muscle development for bodybuilding
  • recovery of muscles after strenuous activity
  • additional training during rest periods.


Conceived by the leading research doctors in biostimulation and used by many Olympic and World Champions, Ultratone units are designed to help everyone who aspires to a fit and healthy body to achieve their maximum potential. Successful champions from diverse sporting fields have benefited from the Ultratone golden touch.

Ultratone past masters include World heavyweight Boxing Champion, Muhammad Ali and double Olympic Decathlon Champion, Daley Thompson. Amongst the current crop of success stories none is more impressive than the French Football team, current World and European Champions.

"Today we could not train our team without electronic muscular stimulation. This now forms an essential part of our training package because of its efficiency and speed."

Dr Jean Marcel Ferré, French Football Team Doctor

The new Ultratone Sportif is ideal for people with busy lifestyles who want a fit, healthy and well toned body.


The new Ultratone Athletic is designed to target the specific needs of fitness enthusiasts and competitive sports people who want to safely and naturally complement their existing training regimes.